A newly released upgrade caused the Norton Security chrome Toolbar / extension to be invisible by default. Even if your Norton Toolbar is invisible, it continue to safeguards you though web surfing using its Norton Secure Web, Norton Antiphishing, and Norton Scam Insight features. It is going to continue to display prohibit webpages of these features. To help make the Norton Security Toolbar visible, click on the Norton Security Toolbar extension button on the top-right corner of the Google Chrome browser. The toolbar is going to be displayed during the present web page; exploring to a different site or opening up a fresh tab may cause the toolbar to be invisible once again. This upgrade was launched to deal with a screen issue that happens when the Norton Security Toolbar is shown using the most up-to-date Norton Identity Secure extension, to result in some Identity Risk-free things to be placed inaccurately. We wish to assure you that once this upgrade Norton continues to be active and offering security, however the toolbar will not be seen.
The style of the message "You Are At Risk" may not be because of any risks. Your Norton Security can show this message when: A number of the protection functions like Auto-Protect or Firewall, are put off. If your version are usually not up-to-date. If your schedule scan has not yet finished. Subscription is expired. In such cases, the majority of the precautionary features may also be disabled. For more details Call us on +1-877-718-7117